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Robyn Helzner Programs Offered
Lets Rejoice! Festive Holiday Concerts Bring in the holidays with the Robyn Helzner Trio! For listeners 
of all ages, the Trio‘s concerts are a celebration in song.
From Beijing to Biloxi Concerts of World Jewish Music  Audiences are transported, as the Trio takes them on a 
captivating world Jewish music tour.
Yes, There are Jews in China! Through music, humor and lively interaction, Robyn shares the extraordinary story of
the Jewish communities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kaifeng. Kreplach & Dim Sum
Bridge to the Balkans A Jewish Shelter from the Storm Discover the Balkans, a little known oasis of Jewish life, through captivating stories,
expressive Ladino and Yiddish songs, compelling video, and striking images.
As Time Goes By The Jews of Morocco
 Encounter the tales and traditions of Jews living as a minority in a Muslim country through compelling stories, captivating images, and beguiling melodies.
Celebrating Jewish Life in Sephardic Spain Through entrancing Ladino songs, stories and images, Robyn magically transports audiences to the heart of Jewish Spain and celebrates the remarkable resilience of 
the Jewish people. A Key to the Casa
Back in the U.S.S.R. The Struggle to free Soviet Jews
 The historic struggle to free Soviet Jews comes alive in this powerful multimedia presentation of songs, stories, pictures and video.
A Weekend Residency Invite the Trio to your synagogue or community for a magical musical weekend. Hearts Awaken
Clap Your Hands Joyful Performances for Children & Families Young audiences and their parents bubble with enthusiasm as Helzner involves 
them in singing, dancing, clapping and laughing.

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